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Debate on "shoe designer" concept / Open Letter to Anonymous reader

I received an intriguing comment today, which will be the only one of this kind I will accept. You will find the reasons in my open letter below. I decided to make this an open letter since I want to be as transparent as possible and since this triggers a more complex discussion on shoe makers, shoe designers, shoe brands of all kinds, on which I would really like to know your opinion. So, I'm expecting your comments regarding this topic, I'm really curious.

Dear Anonymous,

1. I have never ever compared Sepala/Mihaela Glavan to lel. I talked about them here because these were the shoe brands that attended the Cafepedia event. There was no comparison involved, only a review.

2. I never claimed that lel/Lelia is a shoe designer, with the innovation + originality + ground breaking ideas. I have never ever claimed that they are all those things, because they aren't. However, I do appreciate the FINISH (exact word that I used several times), the quality and their openness towards offering their customer what they ask for. If you would have read this article attentively and others related you would have noticed that I always use the phrase "custom made trend" because this is what they do and they are some of the best at this.

3. I have never ever claimed that I am a know-it-all person. However, I have a passion, some knowledge and some means that I decided to use for those interested in this matter, getting them informed and connected to their interest.

4. From my point of view, fashion is a concept, institution and entity that feeds on itself, rigurously organised and divided. There are the genius designers, those who make the rules. There are also those designers/brands who follow the trends that were set by the group of those few, adapting these trends to their own brand identity (if any). I don't consider this a theft and I know there are many who share my opinion. In fact, I would say that this is a tribute, a homage paid to the importance and tremendous value that the "gods" have. Of course there are those copycats, but those are pure fakers.
lel, Pixie Shoes, ChouChou and many more like them are not fakers/thieves, but brands that translate the trends set by the shoe gods to the majority of the audience/fashion lovers ecc. who don't afford designer pieces, who need cusmotized pieces because they are not that  bold to wear daring shoes by genius designers. Why are they to blame?

5. was one of those shoe makers you despise so much, but look where this got them, after years of hard work and dedication to the industry. I really think that this is only the beginning and that some (not all, of course) of these persons will become true designers who will be founding a Romanian school (programmatic meaning) for footwear. In time, this will become a fact, but until then, we're still experimenting, using inspiration from the acknowledged designers and adapting them to our own ideas and identities.

Do you know who else started as an anonymous shoe maker? Mihaela Glavan herself. But with hard work, support from the people in the business, practice and dedication she managed to cross the line towards the few designers who really bring something new to the industry and who set the trends/rules. But the amount of originality is always  questionable because fashion is reborn from fashion and originality can very well be the fact that some past trends or those of other designers have been mixed in such a new way.

6. I would have appreciated you signing your criticism, it would have been nice directing my ideas to a person/name ecc. It's really a cowardish gesture to criticise under the protection of an anonymus user, don't you think?
7. I really hope you read my articles and find the truth in them and not turn them upsidedown so they can suit your own ideas. What I write is really straight forward and I don't think that I'm one of those infatuous bloggers who give the impression that they are the only ones who know how things work. I actually encourage my reader friends to discuss and give feedback opinions and so on. But next time I receive comments like this one here that is unsigned and is obsivously driven by unprovoked malice I will delete it as it does bring anything constructive to the topic raised by the article.

original comment from Anonymous:
"How can you compare Lel and Sepala? LEl does not design shoes - Glavan does. There is a big difference between designing (having a concept to follow, inovating by means of materials, sewing patterns, heel architecture) and taking a shoe you like, and changing some details. Search Google for the Mcqueen canvas with army print boots. Wait, i ll do it for you.
Remove the upper part and replace the zipper with a lace, and consider the fact that she had her boot as a peep toe ankle boot first (as chouchou, before breakup). So, tell me... who designs what? FACT: Chouchou / Lel are not shoe designers. They are shoe makers, with big prices. The Steve Maddens of the world. Not the only ones in Bucharest, no worries. I saw an almost perfect copy of a very well known fur boot from Louboutin at Musette. Same season!
Sure enough, you could see a copy of the Faith boot in more then 10 big shops in RO, with prices high or low.
Designers..everyone is a designer today. Sad thing is people buy what is pretty much theft and have no problem with it. Every blogger is a fashion connaiseur, so how come no one sees IT? The design behind the romanian copy?"

What do you think, dear readers? Waiting for your opinions on this topic, so feel free to share them.

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  1. Mirela, I've been reading your blog for quite some time now and I know your opinion about Mihaela Glavan, her brand and what she represents for the Romanian fashion. It's useless to express my opinion regarding the anonymous comment. We all know the connotation "designer" has come to have lately. Fashion creators are so few and the fashion world is hardly as innovative as it should or as it claims to be. Even the great designers of haute couture houses find inspiration in other collections, of their own house or different ones, but they leave their own mark too. This is the beauty of fashion, it reinvents itself.