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Ecco Walk in Style Awards: the donation and the fashion show

Tuesday the 1st of February at the Copehagen townhall, Ecco opened the Copenhagen Fashion Week with their Walk in Style show, which reached edition number 4 this year. 

Walk in Style is a show that celebrates women who inspire through their courage and dedication for several humanitarian projects.

Renée Toft Simonsen, a Dutch writer and philantropist, was awarded this year by Ecco in front of 300 international personalities and journalists from all over the world, including our very own Andreea Raicu and Miruna Micşan from Viva

 Andreea Raicu and Renée Toft Simonsen

Ole Henriksen, Renée Toft Simonsen and Dieter Kasprzak
The jury consisting of 5 editor-in-chiefs from 5 major publications weighed in the activity of the nominees:  Renée Toft Simonsen (Danemarca), Hanna Verboom (Olanda), Emma Sjöberg Wiklund (Suedia), Cornelia Poletto (Germania) şi Cecilie Skog (Norvegia), and finally decided to award Renée for her wonderful work. Her amazing work includes educating young people from tough environments, donating large amounts of money for kids in subdeveloped countries and promoting charity, writing books on divorce, religion, emigration and their impact on kids (four of her books were transformed into films). This lovely lady, who by the way is an ex model, is also co-founder of the danish branch of Plan organization, which deals with children development; her activity also includes a website for divorced parents. She is definiely a wonder woman and she entirely deserves this award. 
According to her speech the 33.500 euro prize she received will be donated to Plan organization and will be spent on educating the young girls in Zimbabwe.

 Apart the donation ceremony, the evening consisted of a fashion show which basically opened not only the night, but Copenhagen fashion week too. Ecco presented their fall winter 2011 collection, which celebrates the scandinavian tradition in design. The audience was presented three new trends as far as shoes are concerned: Red Passion, Forest Future and Nordic Grunge.

The new collection cherishes the Ecco tradition in shoe making, which means that the designers have used as inspiration danish design, nature and their very own archives. The shoes presented in this show are one of a kind and are only an extension of the main fall winter 2011 Ecco collection.

"The fashion show can be interpreted as a starting point to observe the trends that Ecco will use from now on" said Nikki Tæstensen, coordinator of the women line for Ecco.

Ecco, whose motto is "Our shoes must follow the foot" which means that shoes should adapt to the foot and not the other way around, has 400 stores throughout 90 countries. In Romania, they have 12 stores so far: Bucharest (Feeria Shopping Center, Baneasa Shopping City, Fashion House Outlet Center, Sun Plaza, Afi Palace Cotroceni and Orhideea Shopping Center), Cluj Napoca (Iulius Mall and Polus Center), Iasi (Felicia Shopping Center), Constanta (City Park and Tomis Mall) and Timisoara (Iulius Mall).

And here's a sample of the special Ecco fall winter 2011 collection:

 These are just the shoes I wear in winter time, because, sadly, I can't do high heels on ice and snow. So Ecco's collection is not only very practical and fun, but also very true to reality. They would make the perfect every day shoes you would wear in winter, when you're not attending an event or fancy meeting.

I also appreciate the way they styled the models so that the shoes get full attention, no distractions like pretty faces and celebrity models.

What do you think about these shoes and about this brand? Also, do you like their award and the fact that they chose to reward the impressive work of some women?

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