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Swedish Hasbeens and H&M join forces: the clogs you will be wearing this summer

H&M, the world aclaimed retailer, is known for their sucessful collaborations with a wide range of brands. After the last collaboration with Lanvin which brought new fans, hysteria and revenue, of course, H&M decided to team up with Swedish Hasbeens, a traditional Swedish shoe brand. The result is a clog collection which will hit stores worldwide this spring.

On the 20th of April, about 150 stores from all over the world will be selling the shoe collection  designed in collaboration with Sweedish Hasbeens, consisting of 3 clog styles: sandals, wedges and peep toe slip-ons. They have been exclusively designed for H&M and they are inspired by the traditional 70s Swedish styles, using traditional crafting techniques and natural fabrics.

I love the genuine feeling you get from Hasbeens, from the wood and the leather, and also how they take something traditional and Swedish and make it contemporary and modern. These Hasbeens for H&M fit perfectly with the ’70s bohemian look that’s so important this coming season” said Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M’s head of design.

In their turn, Emy Blixt, founder and designer of Swedish Hasbeens, said that:

We have a strong belief in making better shoes for a better world. We want to make fashion more fun, creative and friendly to both the environment and people. We have loved designing for H&M! It’s a fantastic opportunity to spread the idea of Hasbeens and make these shoes available to more people around the world.”
The Swedish Hasbeens for H&M collection consists of 3 clog styles which will be  immediately worn by all bloggers and young ladies connected to the fashion world, turning them into essential  pieces for the season to come. 

The first style is the strappy gladiator wedges with 3 ankle buckles. The wooden sole gives this ultra-popular style a well-deserved reinvention, making it appealing for yet another season. It comes in three colours: cream and tan on a pale wooden wedge and black on a black sole.

The second style is the heeled sandals with an ankle strap, which come in cream and red on a pale wooden sole. They're the more classic, conservative style, which will appeal to all those ladies who enjoy their comfort, but also love to have fun with their summer footwear.

The last style is the peep toe slip-on wedge which comes in tan leather with a snake effect texture and laces on top. They're the more simple alternative of the wooden clogs, but at the same time they have two elements which individualise them (the laces and the snake effect), making them a bit more modern and fun.

In sizes raning from 36 to 40, the clogs will come at prices ranging from € 49,95 to € 59,95.

Unfortunately, the list of the stores which will be selling them is not available yet. But let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that the Unirii store in Bucharest (which will be the flagship store in Romania) will sell them too.

What do you think about the H&M collaborations? Do you like the collection? Which one's your favourite?

P.S. The H&M store in Afi Palace Cotroceni will be opened on the 25th of March at 11AM and the one in Unirii on the 26th of March at the same hour. More on this will follow, so stay tuned!
A special thanks to my dearest who translated for me the swedish press release!

photo credits: H&M, shot by Mattias Bardå

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