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Cafepedia and Tuxedo Confessions: (wire)less is more, the follow-up

On last Thursday, as you already know, Cafepedia invited us to one of their amazing fashion cocktails. This time it was all about Tuxedo Confessions, the online store with an amazing selection of uber-cool pieces from new designers, both Romanian and foreign, that have that special something which makes them stand out.

The concept of the event was  (wire)less is more, which means that one can get in direct contact with the designer, offering the customer/fashion lover the possibility to ask every question possibly on the pieces, the inspiration, the process of actually making the piece and any other questions one might have. Thus, a strong relationship based on trust, passion and sharing the same interests is born and the stiff customer-designer collaboration is rendered personal.

Also, the designers brought their pieces at amazing discounts, last ones of this sales seasons. I really hope you managed to attend and find those special pieces at special prices.

Shoes were represented at the (wire)less is more themed fashion cocktail by Mihaela Glavan and lel.

I have talked so much about Mihaela Glavan's shoes that you must think I'm crazy or something. Well, I am, crazy about these shoes she designs! Mihaela herself did not attend the event, but she sent a wide selection of shoes from the spring/summer 2010 and fall/winter  2010 collections from both her lines, along with some best sellers or popular shoes from previous collections. The prices were also very good, but you had to be lucky to find the shoe you liked in your size. Of course, she can always make them by order for you, but that's a different story. 

What i liked best was the fact that the shoes were nicely spread on top of  a white piano - now how cool is that? I fell in love head over heels with the dusty pink chunky heeled suede sandals, with little braids on them.

At the event I also met Lelia herself, the designer behind lel. She is an amazing person, very dedicated, smart and fun. We talked a lot about her shoes and her brand, the custom made shoes trend and many more. I really can't wait to see her again. I played a lot with her samples basket, the possibities are really infinite! My favourites were the animal print suede and the braided-pattern suede.  The shoes are even more beautiful in real life than in the photos, the finish and quality are excellent.

Expect big things from her and also the spring collection for 2011 any time now. I will keep you posted on that, of course.

I apologise for the low-quality photos, I took them with my phone this time. Professional photos will follow.

Do you like events like these? Which one is your favourite? What about lel and Mihaela Glavan?

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  1. Hi, Mirela! I haven't attended the Cafepedia event, but I have attended other fashion fairs and I'll be honest: I was disappointed by the lack of interest of the ones who display their products there. They pay more attention to the way you're dressed than trying to attract you and sell their stuff. Sorry, but this is not the way it's done. I can understand the lack of interest of the sellers in stores, but these fairs should send out a different message, they should interact with the costumers and make feel it's worth it spending your time there. So I'm thinking twice before I pay a visit to another event of this kind. Have a wonderful evening and a great week! xoxo

  2. hi there ada. you.re right with what you.re saying. there.s so many fairs put there that very few keep to what.s really important: the customers, the things they sell, building a brand and a relationship with the customer. but are you saying the (wire)less is more event was the same? i appreciated it just because they focus on a direct connection designer-customer. and for me it really worked, i talked a lot with the ones that interested me. let me know what u think. i really apreciate your honesty, though :) kisses

  3. No, I don't say it was the same, I would be a hypocrite because, as I said, I didn't attend the event. I was speaking about the others I attended, no names. It's just that when you're in a business like fashion (as small as it is in Romania) you have to be very passionate about it, but you also have to have a business-mind and neither of these two shows. What do they do? Watch you how you look through the garments and let you walk away without the slightest gesture of approaching you. This is where fashion happens: the fairs, shows, not in the malls. And they just don't know how to take an opportunity.

  4. true, absolutely true. that.s why i don.t go to that many fairs anymore. except the ones i already know for sure what they.re about. like the ones organized by tuxcedo confessions (the big iShoes, the one at Cafepedia last week and many more).

    it.s sad, though, to see the designers/brands lose focus because of little things like these (you.ve put it better)..

  5. How can you compare Lel and Sepala? LEl does not design shoes - Glavan does. There is a big difference between designing (having a concept to follow, inovating by means of materials, sewing patterns, heel architecture) and taking a shoe you like, and changing some details. Search Google for the Mcqueen canvas with army print boots. Wait, i ll do it for you. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_kPH0ZxIXBA8/S86G_mcW7bI/AAAAAAAAMkQ/oI1brj0mGnQ/s1600/Alexander-McQueen-Canvas-boots.jpg
    Remove the upper part and replace the zipper with a lace, and consider the fact that she had her boot as a peep toe ankle boot first (as chouchou, before breakup). So, tell me... who designs what? FACT: Chouchou / Lel are not shoe designers. They are shoe makers, with big prices. The Steve Maddens of the world. Not the only ones in Bucharest, no worries. I saw an almost perfect copy of a very well known fur boot from Louboutin at Musette. Same season!
    Sure enough, you could see a copy of the Faith boot in more then 10 big shops in RO, with prices high or low.
    Designers..everyone is a designer today. Sad thing is people buy what is pretty much theft and have no problem with it. Every blogger is a fashion connaiseur, so how come no one sees IT? The design behind the romanian copy?

  6. My reply to you: http://shoedictionary.blogspot.com/2011/02/debate-on-shoe-designer-concept-open.html

  7. If you love shoes and suits like tuxedo then you must read a lot about fashion, and you must appreciate underdog suits like cheap tuxedos because there are lots of fine pairs out there.