joi, 4 octombrie 2012

United States of Self, a story in pictures about our hidden characters

You, like myself and every other woman, live in a crazy world. That's a given. Be it a cliche or not, you're living it every day: you're the driven working woman, you're the kind dreamy girl, you're the gentlewoman who loves sex in her own privacy, you're that lady who makes out stories out of objects and buildings from past ages when you come across them, you're the smart and funny party girl who loves to dance all night, but you're also that confident woman who can act like a man.

It's my belief we're all suffering, at different degrees, of DID (dissociative identity disorder). We can switch just like that from one character to another, in a matter of seconds, if the situation we're in requires it. The people we meet and our relationship with them bring out one of our multiple personalites.

Shoes are responsible for bringing out our different selves, too. Just think about it: you slip your feet into some stiletto heels with pointy toe and just like that you're all poised and sexual. You switch to some dirty biker boots and you've got the attitude to run all over anybody.

That's how I see New Look's newest shoe collection. It's complete and complex, with so many styles that range from ladylike to androginous, from sexual and provocative to delicate. It's as if their designers have decided to make us buy all their shoes so we can indulge each of our hidden characters. We're talking about mass market here: affordable, true to this season's trends and a life span of at least a season. So you have every reason to buy as many shoes as you can this season from New Look's collection to satisfy all our your selves.

"United States of Self" is a visual story of what New Look's shoe collection has made me think of. Enjoy! (right click on each photo to zoom)

The City Girl

The Patriot

The Vintage Lady

The  Untamed Rebel

The Unstoppable Party Girl

The Androgyne

The Mindfuck Dominatrix

The Team:
styling and concept: your very own Mirela Petre
photography: Andreea Veder
model: Georgiana Savin (Best Models)
make up artist: Oana Ţuţuianu
the set: Dianei Patru
set assistant: Oana Toma

All shoes courtesy of New Look

The Clothes:
The City Girl: 
Lace dress with laser-cut leather collar, Coolta
Feather earrings and belt, New Look

The Patriot:
Dress with neon detail, Riri Coco
Multifunctional leggings, Anca Miron
Beret, H&M
Necklace, New Look

The Vintage Lady:
Vintage dress and belt
Cape and bag, TinaR
Ring and necklace, New Look

The Untamed Rebel:
Top, Coolta
Pants, Riri Coco
Garter, H&M
Bracelets, New Look

The Unstoppable Party Girl:
Vintage belt, Moschino

The Androgyne:
Shirt, Vero Moda
Leggins, New Look
Sweater, H&M

The Mindfuck Dominatrix:
Trench, TinaR
Chantilly bra, I.D. Sarrieri

This is it. Feel free to let us know what you think of our little story! If you're eager for a peek behind the scenes, check this out.

To be continued.

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