joi, 11 octombrie 2012

InCycle, Puma's biodegradable collection

Sportlifestyle brand Puma has just launched their new eco-consciuos collection. InCycle for Spring Summer 2013, which will hit stores next February, features apparel and footwear either bio-degradable or recyclable to help eco-conscious customers make a difference.

For example, InCycle features their famous "Basket" sneakers made entirely of biodegradable materials: a mix of organic cotton and linen, while the sole is made of a biodegradable platic called APINATbio. But don't imagine you'll plant your shoes in your own backyard when you're done with them. Instead you'll have to bring them back to one of Puma's stores where they will be shredded and then transported to an industrial composting facility system. There they will be turned into natural humus and become part of the ecosystem again. Ain't that nice?

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