miercuri, 24 octombrie 2012

Ecco puts confort in a high heel shoe

You would say that nothing much can change in a shoe. Designers are always coming up with something new, but most of the times it's all about reimagining it, using in a new way old designs and/or fabrics. Mostly, it's all about bringing back elements from the past and updating them to present day. 

However, from time to time, there are those brands who come up with revolutionary ideas, which change the way a shoes is made. Take Puma, for example, and their InCycle biodegradable sneakers.

Danish brand Ecco has joined the innovative corner of shoe brands. They have just launched a patented invention that should ease up women's hard working days. Sculptured 65 is a line of shoes with a 65 mm heel, built in such a way it stays confortable all day long, when at the office, and after-hours, too, when out and about or dancing.

The team behind this pattented invention had as a starting point a research conducted on 2500 women, which showed that 63% of them would wear heels more often if they're weren't so damn painful. Therefore, Ecco has come up with these shoes that are both elegant and fashionable, but confortable too.

The sole is the key-point of Sculptured 65 (and their patented invention). It's made using DIP technology (direct-injected polyurethane), which makes the shoe durable, flexible and confortable. Then there's the 65 mm heel, which is not too high, but enough to give you that feeling of empowerment you have when wearing high heels.

What I like best about them is their somehow aerodynamic, smooth look. And their simplicity, too, which translates into elegance and a cool look. Also, you won't have problems styling them in all kinds of outfits, from those you wear at the office or in a "serious" environment, to those more fun you slip into when partying.

If interested, check them out in Ecco stores from all over the country or online. Prices range from 450 to 650 lei.

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