luni, 29 octombrie 2012

A New Episode: TouchedBy Lucian Broscatean

Romanian shoe designer Mihaela Glavan and her amazing work needs no introduction. At least not here, where you've read several times about her projects and collections. This time, Mihaela has just made my day brigther with a great piece of news. TouchedBy, her project that she started back in 2009, has reached a new episode and this time it involves Lucian Broscatean, one of my favourite Romanian designers.

Lucian's take on shoes is called Sliced Patterns and shares pieces of fashion DNA from the designer's own ready-to-wear collections.

"For TouchedBy I imagined a different kind of morphological experiment. Dislocated details, hybrid pieces, insertions and incisions, not-so-usual assymetries and mixes of different textures are elements that I've used while creating these shoes, made entirely of eco leather" says Mr. Broscatean.

The collection features three different variations on black patent leather boots and a bag. Though I love the play on laces, my fav pair is the most minimalist, ofc, with clean cuts, enough to expose some skin.

TouchedBy Lucian Broscatean can be seen and ordered until the end of November in Sepala store on 9 Benjamin Franklin street in Bucharest.

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