marți, 24 iulie 2012

H&M Fall 2012, a Sneak Peak

Last week I visited H&M's Showroom and I got a preview of the Fall '12 collection that will hit stores in a couple of months (at the end of August, to be exact).

As usually, there's a little bit of everything for everyone: rhinestones, sequins, lurex, but also a lot of etherial nature prints, velvet and minimalistic designs. My favourites were the green and, most of all, the burdundy pieces and a wonderful peplum top covered in black velvet sequins. Gotta love it. Also, the accessories (bags, hats and necklaces) are super-versatile, to be used in lots of outfits of different moods.

Shoe-wise, the collection keeps to its essence: a shoe for everyone and for every mood. On a gloomy day you can go for the burgundy velvet boots, when you feel pretty optimistic (or in need for an optimistic kick) you can sport the lace ups with cute neon-pink fronts, while on a date or a fancy event you can slip into the gorgeous heels (you can go from burgundy velvet platform pumps to pinkish stilettos).

So, no more words, here's the preview!

In the Men department, things are looking pretty interesting too, with lace-up boots, loafers and lots of classic shoes which can be paired in so many outfits.

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