marți, 17 iulie 2012

Battle of the Divas: Lana Del Rey vs. Lady Gaga

Today seems to be a good day for fashion. Photos of the Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda show have finally surfaced the internet, Tiesto is designing a capsule-collection for luxury brand Guess and Rihanna will be translating her style into a mass-market collection by River Island.

But what would fashion news be without a litlle cat fight? This time round, it's on between Lana Del Rey and Lady Gaga. The grand prize is whoever gets more buzz, more frenzy, more excitement, more anything that will get them all over Facebook, Twitter and the entire internet. It's a diva showdown, starring two of the most famous international songstresses. It's kind of like a mud fight (or honey, if that's what gets you going), but marketing- and popularity-wise.

First off, Lana Del Rey will be the face of H&M's Fall 2012 Ad Campaign. The Swedish brand is dosing our curiosity gradually: two photos off the campaign and a few words to set the mood. The campaign is supposed to be very 60's, very L.A. noir, which explains signing off Lana for it.

Points in Lana's favor: The two images are very Lolita meets Mad Men, in an intriguing way. Plus, the clothes (I bet the puffy peachy sweater will get its own hashtag on Twitter) look amazing.

Points in disfavor: None. Honestly, none. If you find one, mail me.

The second news of the day is about another ad campaign. Lady Gaga has published last night on her Facebook page the image which will promote her newly released perfume: Fame. It got a lot of buzz within these past hours, both good and bad. But, hey, Lady Gaga knows best about bad publicity. 

Points in Gaga's favor: The campaign was shot by Steven Klein. The ad is black and white (classy) and it has a cinema-diva-like mood to it.

Points in disfavor: God, those little men (the little monsters, what a metaphor *eye roll*) look so funny. I mean, when I first saw the image I instantly started to laugh. How can you not? It's silly. And the message of the campaign is sooooo cheap, gives me the feeling of an amateur job.

So, have you decided? Which diva are you cheering for? 
P.S. Mud or honey? ^_^

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  1. Lana del Rey look so Lana in that peachy sweater. pink looks very good on her. I wonder if it's marketing....

    1. I think it's definitely marketing :) but you're right, it suits her perfectly :)