duminică, 13 martie 2011

Papucei.ro presents the Spring/Summer 2011 Collection - "Look Delicious"

After seeing the fast-fashion brands SS11 shoe collections and as anticipated last week, we're looking now at Romanian designers' collections for this spring. 
Next up is Papucei, the Romanian brand started back in 2006 by Angela Vasiliu, who was part of the Romanian delegation at MB Berlin Fashion Week, should the name ring a bell.

The shoes for this season designed by Angela are all about comfort and flexibility, whether we're talking about flats, wedges and even high heels. The collection is built around flats, most of them as ballerinas and different versions of them. The collection features a lot of sandals too, designed with T-bars and intricate plaiting.

"There's no doubt that the styling of the new collection has been inspired by the brand's slogan: "Look Delicious" or, on the contrary, it looks like the collection itself was the one to inspire this logo. What is definitely certain is that the colours recommended by Papucei will easily make you think of a cookies display." said Angela Vasiliu, the designer behind Papucei.ro

Therefore, a great plus is the colour range which makes the shoes resemble of candies: lively colours (mostly fluo shades) in patent leather to emphasize their power, dusty shades in suede to bring our the delicacy and romantic nature and metallic shades in classic leather to let the colour lead the way in the shoe simphony.

Apart from the flats, the collection brings a fair amount of high heels too. Settling to the international trend that has been continued since last spring/summer season, the heels are wooden soled shoes, otherwise known as clogs. The twist that one would expect is actually quite amazing: the fabrics and the colours are so romantically blend together that the rigidness fades away. 

The shapes and the techniques used to put together the fabric translates into some bold shoes, with a lot of attitude. They would make great party wear, if you're not convinced of wearing them on a daily basis. The little fabric folds and bows sweeten the bold shoes and remind us that we're still women, no matter how empowered we (think we)  are.

The lookbook was shot by Codrin Baleanu, with Chotronette dresses, Luciana Sasu did the make-up and Amihalachioaiei Georgiana was the hair stylist.

You can see the entire collection and the prices here. The shoes can be bought either on their online store, in their showroom in Iasi ( 67 Tatarasi str.) or in partner stores (Romanian Designers Gallery in Cocor Store).

What do you think about this collection? Which one is your favourite?

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  1. foarte frumoasa colectia!cred ca ar trebui sa deschida si un magazin,unde poti admira si proba in voie.multumesc.

  2. am updatat articolul, catre final am inclus ci variantele alternative pentru cumparare. imi cer scuze ca am omis initial :D

    i-am vazut la Galeria Designerilor Romani in Cocor. O sa aflu si care sunt celelalte magazine partenere si va anunt! :)