joi, 17 martie 2011

H&M stores in Romania: the shoe collection you will shop

The final coutdown has begun. There's only one week left until the grand opening of the much awaited and anticipated H&M stores here in Bucharest. Next Friday the popular Swedish brand will open the first store in Afi Palace Cotroceni at 11 AM and on Saturday the Unirea store will be opened, at the same hour. For more details related to the location, visit this page.

To encourage their fans, H&M is giving away to the first 100 people an H&M FASHION CARD with a value of 80 ron. Better be there first, right?

Shoewise, here's a selection of the shoes you will find in the Romanian stores which should help you make your wishlist. You should make one given the fact that there will be a huge crowd on these opening days and the weeks to follow. Therefore, if you go prepared, with the pieces you want in mind - and, why not, on paper too - you will be able to buy them and not waste time looking first for what the store has to offer and then deciding what to buy. It's only for your best interest to start planning and deciding. So here it is, grouped according to their prices:

29.90 lei: 

39.90 lei :

49.90 lei:

89.90 lei:

99 lei:

129 lei:

This is the official selection at this point, but there will be more shoes, definitely. 

Stay tuned as on Thursday evening I'll be attending the Official Press launch event and I'll let you know, in premiere, what it feels like to finally have H&M in Romania, all about the event and the surprises, what to expect from the H&M stores in Bucharest, what products you will be able to find, prices and all the details you can think of.

So, tell me, what's on your wishlist?

photos courtesy of H&M

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  1. oh, i want them all :)) :)) :))

  2. I have been waiting for this shop for quite a while now,and buying H&M stuff from abroad has been a big tease<3

    alexandra @

  3. Those striped wedges are definitely my favorites! It's always been a pleasure to shop at H&M abroad. I hope the waiting was worth it and that I will enjoy it the same here. It freaks me out to imagine how it will be in the first day, days, weeks. Zara has a competitor now. haha xoxo Ada

  4. ada, i would say that for at least a month the H&M stores will be like crazy :)) i.m really curious too :D


  5. that flower wedge is so like blugirl and D&G :)

  6. yes, michelle, right! :) but you know that this is how these fast-fashion brands work, right :) pretty and affordable even if not the real thing. and it.s not a copy paste shoe, it.s inspired by the high fashion designers. i.m sure you agree, right? :)

    nice to have you around :)