joi, 20 septembrie 2012

Shoe Scouting: Red by Wolves and the perfect unisex shoes

One of the things that get me most excited and thrilled and jumping around the house (at least in my mind) is discovering shoe brands or designers all over the world with great concepts and fashion-DNAs. Shoe scouting is kind of a weird source for pleasure, come to think about it, but let's not analyze this. One of my latest finds is Red by Wolves, a London-based shoe brand where limited edition shoes are handmade. 

Red by Wolves is a family owned business started back in 2007 as a boutique which custom made shoes on orders only. Within a few years, however, as it happens to great ideas, the word got around, people wanted more of their designs, and they decided to expand the brand. 

Nowadays, the brand consists of Lena, the designer, and Gerard, the guy who keeps the business running. Lena graduated the prestigious Istituto Marangoni and trained inside famous designers' shoe departments, like Alexander McQueen or Jonathan Kelsey.

Their concept evolves around tradition, custom made designs (turned into limited editions now) and handcrafted everything - from soles, carved by hand, to stitching, leather preparation and actually putting the shoe together.

Their designs have a strong unisex vibe to them. It's like gender and boundaries were abolished and we were all one happy family, borrowing from eachother what we have best.

The core of the collection is built around ground-level shoes: brogues, chelsea boots, loafers, sneakers and sandals. Then there are the wedges and the chunky heeled boots for those moments when we love to strut around above the ground.

There's a lot of black, but also earth tones and those fun animal prints (my favourite print is the "dalmatian" one on the sneakers). The designs are spiced up with a lot of buckles and laces, which kind of remind me of those Victorian boots ladies used to wear back then.

All in all, a great brand I'll keep my eyes on, especially for their great concept and strong beliefs. Wouldn't you say so too?

To be bought here or here.

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