joi, 13 septembrie 2012

Pixie Shoes' Dramatized collection is casting!

The lovely girls over at Pixie Shoes, one of my favourite Romanian shoe brands, have launched their newest collection for fall-winter 2013: Dramatized.

The girls have always been keen on finding new shapes and colours for their shoes, reinventing their fashion-DNA from season to season. But what I like best about their brand is that they always add to their designs a meaninful story, connecting their customer to what inspires them.

This time, Dramatized, the new collection, is all about iconic cinematography. Specifically, the shoes have been inspired by Vertigo, Alfred Hitchcock's out-of-this-world famous movie. “Only one is a wanderer; two together are always going somewhere” is the quote that started it all. From there, the two designers have imagined a shoe collection which speaks of mistery, sensuality and elegance, inviting you to join their cast. Each shoe has a different name and personality, inspired by a different iconic movie. Pretty intriguing, right?

The collection has a bit of everything for everyone: flats, chunky heels, T-bars, platforms, neon accents, wedges, neutrals (black and greys), but also lots of colourful accents, you name it.

So, if you're ready, click away and join the cast!

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