luni, 11 iunie 2012

TouchedBy Carla Szabo, sandals for an easy summer

Mihaela Glăvan has launched yet another limited collection under her project TouchedBy. This time the Romanian shoe designer teamed up with Carla Szabo, Romanian designer known for quirky and fun accessories.
TouchedBy Carla Szabo is a limited edition shoe collection featuring minimalist flat sandals. The design belongs entirely to Carla Szabo, Mihaela Glăvan providing the technical expertise and the means to render possible any crazy idea.
The sandals that Carla Szabo designed have that unique simplicity which makes them perfect for a relaxed summer, in the city or on a sweet escape outside it.
The design and the lines are minimal, with raw edges and no stitches. Add to that details like a wooden knob (natural of course, made of walnut) or a little silver horse and you have some great conceptual, yet relaxed, summer shoes.
TouchedBy Carla Szabo sandals can be bought via order only at the 9, Benjamin Franklin Street in Bucharest.

The project was started by Mihaela Glăvan in 2009 and has involved so far designers and personalities like Adelina Ivan, Alina Botea, Ana Alexe, Carmen Secăreanu, Cătălin Botezatu, George Neagu, Irina Marinescu, Irina Schrotter, Lena Criveanu, Ovidiu Buta and Stephan Pelger.
The project will bring in the following months collaborations with Lucian Broscatean, Alex Gâlmeanu and Mihai Dobrovolschi. Honestly, I can't wait to see what these lovely men come up with!

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