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Post-event: Puma Creative Factory

Yesterday I was telling you about the project the sport shoes brand Puma was launching. It's time to tell you all about it!

Last night's event at the new Kristal Glam Club in Pipera was one of the best I've ever attended. Very well organized, up to the smallest details, with a great playful and creative atmosphere encouraged by all of the games and surprises the organizing team planned for us and most of all, with quality guests. Everything lead to a casual and fun evening where we put our creativity to the test as you can find in the following.

 Vali Barbulescu

As I told you before, Puma is launching a bold concept: starting the end of November, any customer visiting the Puma Showroom in Afi Cotroceni Mall will be able to choose all the details of the Puma sport shoes Basket or First Round and have it made exactly as he imagined it. You can choose different textures, different fabrics, the colours and combine them in any way. You get to choose even the colour of the labels or the inside! 
In the showroom there will be available an iPad application that we all had fun testing last night. Also, fabric samples are available for those who need palpable inspiration. Once you're done designing, the shoes are ready to be ordered. 
The only downside of this project is the fact that there is a 6-weeks wait list due to the fact that the orders for the customized shoes are centralized and processed one at a time.

 Tudor Chirila and Andi Moisescu

 The creative corner with the iPads and the samples

The show presented by Claudiu Sara from ProFm focused on the 20 creations of Guess Who and Andi Moisescu, the two Puma Romanian ambassadors. Each of them created 10 pairs of Puma shoes which will be posted on Puma's official facebook page where the fans will vote one shoe for each of the two ambassadors. The shoes getting most of the votes will then be produced in 100 pieces to be sold in the Afi Cotroceni showroom and on Guess Who's online shop

The two ambassadors created their shoes in one day, using the samples and the help of the Puma design team. Their inspirations were music (Puma Manifest), hip hop culture or even girls, for which he created the Puma Lollihop shoes. 
Andi Moisescu's inpirations were plenty: patriotic (Puma Carpathian), moralizing (Puma Purple Flame), geographical (Puma Holland) and eco-conscious, dedicated to his wife (Puma Eco). 

The night continued with a street dance number performed by Trouble Crew and an amazing game/contest that almost everyone joined at least for the fun. We all got some mint Puma sneakers and Puma t-shirts which we then had to customize using graffiti sprays, markers, patterns ecc. It was like crazy: we all looked like a bunch of children let loose in a candy store. 

Andreea Balan

The shoes I made for myself
The jurry represented by Daniel Buzdugan, Mihai Morar, Andi Moisescu, Guess Who, Doru (Puma) and Adina (Puma) had the tough task to choose the most creative set. The winner, Ana Nechita (fashion editor for Beau Monde), will get to design a pair of shoes which will be produced in 30 pieces and sold together with the ambassadors' creations.

The fun night ended with confetti and Puma shoe shaped cake. All in all, it was great and Puma team deserves a big round of applause! 
Don't forget to stay tuned and check out the project once it will be available in their showroom. It will be great so you might want to try it as soon as possible so you don't get left out.

What do you think about this project? What's your favourite shoe?

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  1. wow, it seems you had lots of fun.
    i like this idea, it seems that Puma is launching a new and brilliant marketing approach!

  2. A great concept! It's good to hear about the flawless organization of the event, it seems we can do it! I like your shoes. :)

  3. @ simona: brilliant indeed :-) i was like a kid in a candy store, running aroung there and spray painting my sneakers :))

    @ ada: we have it in us, we can do it, we just need an impulse and more confidence :-) thanks for the appreciation :D it seems I was n a creative mood :-)